Procyrion™ is developing the Aortix™ percutaneous mechanical circulatory support device for use in multiple indications where its effects on the heart and kidneys may provide benefit.

The Procyrion Aortix™ device is designed to pump blood from the aortic arch to the lower aorta. This action is thought to reduce pressure in the aortic root upstream of the pump and increase pressure in the lower aorta downstream of the pump.

By boosting blood flow in the aorta and reducing aortic root pressure, the Aortix device could reduce the effective systemic vascular resistance the heart pumps against, in turn allowing the heart to work better (increased ejection fraction and cardiac output) and more efficiently (lower energy and oxygen use).

By increasing pressure in the lower aorta, the Aortix device could increase renal perfusion and improve renal function. This may increase urine output and help decongest congested patients, including those who are diuretic resistant.

The dual impact of the Aortix device on the heart and kidneys has been observed in preclinical testing and could potentially provide benefit in multiple indications:
•Acute decompensated heart failure with diuretic resistance
•Renal support to reduce acute kidney injury in cardiac surgery and coronary interventions
•Cardiac unloading to reduce myocardial infarct size
•Longer term at-home therapy to improve outcomes in chronic heart failure

The Aortix device is currently undergoing clinical evaluation for the first two of these indications.