Hatch Pitch Unveils Tech Startup Lineup for Upcoming SXSW Demo Day


by Angela Shah

The buzz over this year’s South By Southwest’s Interactive festival is gathering momentum. A few weeks ago, we wrote that Mark Cuban would be making his debut at the annual tech mega-conference, emcee-ing a pitch day for startups specializing in pediatric health innovations.

On Tuesday evening, the organizers of the Hatch pitch competition, which focuses on early stage technology companies, announced a dozen startups from around the country—and one from Spain—that will present at SXSW March 16.

Among them is Houston’s Procyrion, a medical device company that makes Aortix, a thinner-than-a-pencil circulatory support pump that can be implanted in the aorta via a catheter. The device is designed to act like a crutch, helping patients with damaged hearts push more blood through the circulatory system and on to vital organs.

Three winners will be selected; the startups will receive consultations and other services as prizes.

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